Spa facials are intended for stress relief, beauty boost and pure delight. Step away into a relaxing aromatic, candlelit room and let the everyday stresses slip away. The first few minutes of your appointment time will be spent in consultation which ensures products will be customized to your skin type and other preferences are noted.  All facials are personalized treatments include analyzing the skin, then cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, face, neck and shoulder massage. A nourishing treatment mask is applied while the arms and hands are massaged. Lastly the skin is balanced and hydrated.

MIREJI Signature Facial
50min $100

This naturally healing facial is customized just for you, whether addressing the concerns of premature aging, sun damage, acne, combination, or sensitive  skin. Designed to deliver healthier, radiant skin, the MIREJI Signature Facial is customized to each individual’s needs. Leaving your skin smoother, clearer and healthier than before.

Lift & Glow Facial
80min $150

A longtime favorite because of its dramatic result. This treatment starts with a MIREJI Signature Facial  Effectively combining  micro-current to strengthen, re-educate and lift tired muscles back into their youthful position. Like a workout for the face and neck, this treatment keeps muscles healthy and in shape. Clients witness a lift in the brow, the apples of the cheeks and around the jaw line.Followed by  multi-color LED light to reduce wrinkles, increase product penetration, and rejuvenate the skin. Results include collagen remodeling, increased volume, and the flushing of toxins. This combination therapy will help the skins will appear more firm and radiant.

Pregnancy Facial
50min $100

This luxurious facial was created for the expectant mother with her needs and comfort in mind. Created to address hormonal fluctuations, puffiness, dehydration and other common concerns, this nurturing facial will calm, hydrate and balance. Gentle massage and the use of “baby-friendly” ingredients will set the pregnant or breast-feeding mother at ease.

The Ultimate Facial
2 hours $200

Ultimate facial is just that! It begins with a  MIREJI Signature Facial. Then skin is then drenched with customized serum using oxygen technology to plump fine lines impart deep hydration. Micro-current is used to lift and tone facial muscles. Finishing with multi-color LED light to further penetrate the serum, and stimulate collagen and elastin. The result is a firm, even skin tone and red carpet-ready complexion.

 MANdatory Facial
50min $100

This guy-centric facial combines deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and masks strong enough for a man, mixed with male-strength serums and moisturizers to leave your skin purged of impurities and looking youthful. Hot steam towels, extractions and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage round out the experience – which is great for treating ingrown hair.

Decompress From Stress Facial
30min $60 /1 hour $100

So many of us carry the effects of stress in our back, shoulders and head. This relaxing treatment specifically addresses those areas, making stress a distant memory. It begins with an exfoliation of the back and shoulders, followed by an light massage application of moisturizer. The face is addressed next, with an invigorating cleanser, exfoliating mask, and finished with an application of soothing moisturizer.

Express Facial
30min $60

When you don’t have time for a full facial, or you're on your lunch break. This is the perfect treatment for you. The Express Facial features a dual cleanser, exfoliating mask, acupressure massage, and moisture infusion.

Therapeutic Massage
60min  $65

Customized full body Swedish massage.

Add-on Treatments $25

Luxurious Lip Service
An add-on treatment for facials. Give your lips a much-needed lift with additional exfoliation and plumping. The appearance of fine lines around the lips will be diminished too. Active ingredients make this add-on so revitalizing and effective.  Must be added in advance.

Eye Bright
An add-on treatment for facials. Effectively yet gently reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while restoring skin tone. Must be added in advance.

Foot Massage
A rejuvenating treat for your feet combining reflexology and soothing massage that will relax your entire body.

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