Rebuild, reconstruct, and remodel your skin. When its time to go a little deeper than the surface these treatments are here to help. Bring that firmness, and bounce. While also treating hyperpigmentation, reducing redness in a few relaxing treatments with no downtime


Micro-current sends a low level pulsating current that mimics the natural current in the body/skin to tone, sculpt and shape facial muscles.
LED light  frequencies penetrate between 470 nano meters and 640 nano meters into the skin. Results reduce lines & wrinkles, smoothing scars,  treating hyper-pigmentation, acne, rosacea. Micro-current/LED light treatment works together synergistically to achieve a new level of results! It re-educates the underlying muscle to lift, tone and sculpt the face while stimulating collagen, elastin and ATP for non-surgical face-lifts. 

LHE Micro Phototherapy
50min $100

Emits gentle pulses of light and heat energy that work deep beneath the skin. A non invasive version of a clinical Photofacial with no downtime or pain.  In a series of treatments results reduce redness, hyperpigmentation spots,increases collagen and elastin to soften fine lines improving the overall texture and glow of the skin.

Triple Current Treatment
50min $150

Triple Current utilizes three different current types. Radio Frequency allows a custom hyaluronic gel to penetrate deep into the skin plumping fine lines.  Micro-current stimulates your muscles to create a  lifting, and toning effect. LED light waves stimulate collagen, elastin, improving the color tone an skin overall appearance. This amazing device increases hydration,brightens, lifts, tones, and tightens your skin. Creating immediate and long term results.

80min $200

This three step facial speeds up collagen and elastin, two vital  proteins needed for your skin to remain youthful and glowing . It is both preventative and restorative for a complete ageless look. The treatment includes a chemical peel to smooth and refresh the surface, lhe/led therapy to stimulate and perfect lower layers and triple current for defining lifting and sculpting.
It restores a youthful and glowing complexion no matter what your age!
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